Vanessa Curtis – Founder and Principal Consultant
If you’ve met me, then you are aware of my passion for all things tech, my innate drive to help anyone with a business problem, and my unique problem-solving capabilities. I’m focused, determined and not interested in entertaining wishy-washy ideas, concepts or conversations. I am honest, considered and polite, but don’t expect me to compromise on my values, or to not speak my mind. If you ask for my opinion, I will gladly offer it. I’ve been described as a “Funky Geek”, and I am proud to wear that badge. My passion for technology runs deep, more specifically, since my Father taught me to program in DOS and Visual Basic as a child. Not one to sit idle, later I would design new workflows in CRMs to create automated processes, or hack code so I could customise websites, landing pages and surveys. But these days, you will find me working with some great global vendors such as: Autotask, Zerto, VMware, Cisco, Puppet, and I look forward to working with many more, as well as their partner communities. My early introduction to the possibilities of tech has made me acutely aware of the hurdles and benefits of women working in IT. I am helping to advocate the opportunities through my work with Girls in Tech – a global non-profit organisation supporting women to advance their careers in STEM fields. I am also involved with VICICT4.WOMEN as part of the Marketing & Comms team. On a slightly different tact, I also help women who have experienced disadvantage find their way back into the workforce. This is also close to my heart, and I have recently started working with Fitted for Work, mentoring women on their path back into the labour force. Clearly, I’m not your average B2B technology marketing expert. I get tech, I love IT! I am not afraid to learn about technology to get your ideas off the ground. Couple my hands-on tech knowledge with 20-plus years of marketing experience and you end up with the perfect ingredients to move your business into … who knows? The opportunities are endless! If you’re looking for an edge, a way to stand out, a new perspective to follow, contact me today.
Radial Consulting
The genesis of Radial Consulting’s success has been Vanessa’s ability to translate technical expertise into a business context …. and call BS when required. Fast-forward two years, and today Radial Consulting is renowned for:
  • Guiding tech companies who need resourcing help to source funding and leverage external budgets to further promote their business via numerous channels.
  • Working alongside global companies who need marketing support to localise and customise marketing materials, target specific audiences with clear and relevant messaging, provide channel marketing support and enablement, provide onsite event and trade show management.
  • Becoming an extension of sales and/or marketing teams when organisations are resource and time poor. We integrate ourselves into your organisation, allowing you to draw on our knowledge and experience to execute on projects and campaigns.
  • Engaging us as an aggregator between vendors, alliance partners and resellers to build out solutions and Go-To-Market strategies.
  • Becoming a trusted partner for smaller companies who have built their longevity through referrals and are seeking to grow their business through alternate channels.
Radial Consulting enables technology organisations to invest in smarter marketing strategies that translates their technical expertise into actionable business solutions for their customers, drive new revenue streams and customer retention. Our hands-on approach means we are with our clients at every stage of their business journey. We pride ourselves in retaining the authenticity, truth and values of your business across each engagement. Ready for a different kind of marketing experience? Let’s get started